Please read before you Play on the LIKE-A Community servers, Thankyou

Please read this before posting on the community forums.
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Please read before you Play on the LIKE-A Community servers, Thankyou

Postby Tw33kA » Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:21 pm

Server Rules.

We all enjoy a round or ten, so please abide by the following simple rules so everyone can have a pleasant experience on our community servers.If you feel the need not to abide by these rules, you will kicked from server, and if still unable you will be be permanently banned, no questions asked.If you feel the need to question a ban,please contact the clan Admin Tw33kA directly, Thankyou.

1.Trolling, rude or abusive behavoiur or language will not be tolerated on our servers, please keep it clean. Failure will result in an instant and permanent ban.

2.Please use English when speaking in chat. LIKE-A. provides a free public teamspeak 3 server where your are welcome to use a channel for your native language if needed.

3.Please do not spam chat/spectator chat in game, it is off putting and you will get one warning before a ban for annoyance.

4.Please leave your clan quarrels at home, and dont bad mouth other clans or there servers here, we are here too have enjoy a game,not bitch like school kids.

5.Please don't abuse the team balancer, typing teams every round upsets the game balance ,the ppr average and all playing.Games dont always have to end on 10v9 rounds, instead try harder to actually win first.Those who type teams to much for no viable reason will be kicked first then banned on repeat offence for annoyance.

6.Attempting to recruit for a clan, advertising of products or services or anything related to this is not allowed on LIKE-A.Community servers.Failure to adhere to this will result in a permanent ban from all Community servers.

7.Please respect everyone who plays.Not everyone is "pro" so so help them to improve their game by encouraging and not insulting them, their play style or abilities.Failure to do this will result in being kicked and a possible permanent ban for those who don't learn.

See you on the servers.

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