Short Coloured Death Messages

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Short Coloured Death Messages

Postby Nightmare » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:19 am

Thought i'd share a few things i have set up and running.. this one is short coloured death messages..

//What is this??
These new altered files will simply change the death messages in game to short messages with colours. victims name is always on the left, killers name on the right.
Each weapon has a different colour, nice quick and easy to read. does not clog up console. Compatible with normal ut, all versions of TAM, Colour death messages.
These files also tweek a few other things on the HuD to make things shorter, ammo and weapon pickups are now shorter for example.

All these files will overwrite standard UT2004 files. In case your worried, this is not cheating and will not get you banned by any anti cheat software.
If think you might not like these, make a backup of your current files that you are about to replace. you cannot convert back without the originals.
Will update this with a backup of untouched files when i have some myself... if anyone wants to make a backup for me and post here.. thx. i made these years ago and forgot to make a backup :)

//Customise yourself
you can customise yourself by just opening these files in notepad, and make changes as you see fit :)

Copy the contents of system folder in this download, paste them in your system folder, location will depend where you installed the game and if on steam or not.

//Common install locations..
C:\Steamapps\common\unreal tournament 2004\System

once files are in, just go play as normal, nothing else is needed

attached are 2 items, image so you can see the impact, and the download zip for the files. any problems let me know. (zip file says not downloadable yet?? tweek might need to approve it first?)
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