Combos !!!!

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Re: Combos !!!!

Postby Nana<3- » Tue May 17, 2016 2:41 pm

My opinion about the combos is:


The others I don't really use them or it's by accident :p
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Re: Combos !!!!

Postby LiquidX » Tue May 17, 2016 5:47 pm

all combos atm are fine but there is some balancing required to make other combos more usefull than they are at the minute which i have a couple ideas...

Firstly i think there should be points given to all types on adren spends, not necessarily all the same amout but lets think about it.

Ress gives 10 which in my opinion is fine because you are using your adrenaline selflessly to ress a player who is already died usually the worse players, but the best player can never ress himself which is not great for him but he gets 10 points and adren resets to 0 and then he can instantly start gaining adren again, on the flip side the worse player in the server can get ress and ress the best player in the server gets 10 points and can win the round also this way

lets look at booster, invi,speed, cammo, pintsize these are more selfish combos in reguards to ress but i feel like there should be a 5 point (can change depending on balance) gain for these so that players do not lose out on points in the long run of the map, getting 10 points by normal means using one of the combos vs ress is quite hard really, you would need to kill a few players and im not sure that would guarentee you 10 points...( if you ress u can still get more points on top of ur combo AND gain adren rite away)

my other issue with other combos is that, for instance kami when activated you count ur adren down even tho there is a 30 sec timer regardless, you could kill everyone of the enemy team with it active yet yeild no adren back because it resets adren after it runs out, i would much prefer for the adren to reset to 0 instantly so that the player can build up there adren just as fast as a player ressing instead of missing out on 50 adren(remember the old boom kami? if lets say a random name say..... SKID or Ibrah go boom and kill 5 ppl they have 50/60 adren ready for next map)

now that kami is only double damage and there is a defence booster to receive 50% danmge these 2 compliment each other perfectly
what i mean is that usually a balance adren spend will give you 100% more for example booster will give you +100% hp but staggered over time and berserk is +100% rate of fire, before recent changes the Kami gives double and receives 50% which is essentially +100% hp and +100%damage and this is double the usual % adren should boost you by.

now i like the balance thats been recently made now the way i see it, if a player on one team does kami and on the other team a player does defence, when they meet they will be equal to each other yet when they are vs other non kami or defence players they still have a balanced +100% which is roughly what we should be aiming for

people who are accidentally using other combos that are unable to disable them.... we could change the combination from rrrr or llll to wwdd or wwaa just like opposite of kami and defence

anyone who doesnt want combos or anything to mix up gamplay after 12 years we have a second server with most modes and MATCH ready modes for your needs

my conclusion is that we need some slight balance change and add points as an incentive to use other combos and make it more interesting and more challengine, also instant adren resets is a big must for me to want to use kami or defence or pint or cammo over ress

Hope ive not bored you to death, you wanted my opinion and well now you have it !!
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Re: Combos !!!!

Postby Nightmare » Wed May 18, 2016 9:19 am

Id agree with most of that, apart from Arden reset. When you use necro you are reset to 0 Arden, but you gain Arden back at normal rate, with kami you will gain it back at double the rate during the combo.. so double damage and double Arden, ofc it depends on how well you play, apex got 4 kills with it the other night, he would of been close to having a combo to use in the following round..

Just for reference, If apex got 4 lg kills in that round, would of been 9 points just for the 4 hits + kills. Plus the extra Arden he could of got if Arden was reset.
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Re: Combos !!!!

Postby Tw33kA » Wed May 18, 2016 9:46 am

i have noticed that alot of players have noted the points amount recently. for instance i sent these to Elop,who had picked up the unusual amount the other evening,just a quick thing here,the vendetta mutator gives you the following points :-


These have been like this as long as i remember,I had set them like this to award skillful game play before we started using kami etc on the servers.but they are fully adjustable too.Thought id mention this due to the points etc vs combo question.

if the combos need balancing ,maybe this could be a contributing factor in those calculations????
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Re: Combos !!!!

Postby Tw33kA » Wed May 18, 2016 3:48 pm

I have just added a mod to the server that allows me to disable pint sized and box combo through webadmin interface :).Ive set them to off to test if it works.
thanks Tw33k@
Dont ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness.

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