Community Cup rules - Please read before signing up.

TAM 4v4 Open Fun Cup.
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Community Cup rules - Please read before signing up.

Postby Tw33kA » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:22 pm

Cheating - Experienced admins will be running and custom anti cheat software will be used in the cup. Anyone caught using hacks, Radar, aimbots, Wallhacks etc will result in a ban for the player and a default loss for his team.The player will also be banned from Community public servers and have their details shared with other server Admins and will be entered onto the llama punter database and utan global ban lists.

Chat Spamming or flaming -This will not be tolerated from any team while playing a cup match. The admins will give a penalty in which the team will be either an instant loss of match or a team/offending player ban for the rest of the cup.

Match dates /Times - Matches and dates to be organized by teams ,who must inform admins at least 12 hours in advance so the match brackets can be updated correctly.Failure to do so will cause unecessary problems for other teams and the admins,and could result in a ban from the cup.

Demos - Server side demos are taken of each cup match.This is so that things can be looked into if a discrepancy arises between teams. If An Admin is not present ,the demo rec accessor is installed so player can start serverside demos. The cup admins will inform the teams via PM on the forum if a match is invalid after a complaint and demos review and has to be played again.The admins decision is final.

No Show - If a team fails to supply the required amount of players by 10 minutes after the start of match, the team will forfeit the match.

Replacements - If a player has to withdraw from the tournament a replacement may be used.The replacement cannot be another member of a different team, even if that team is no longer in the tournament!.
Dropout - If a player drops out of a match, an admin/players will pause/timeout the game at the end of the round to allow the player to rejoin. If the player cannot rejoin or a sub be supplied within 90 seconds, the match will be continued as is from pause/timeout with one less player or the team with the least players can choose to forfit the match to other team.
This rule also applies if a players connections drops more than twice in any given match, so please ensure as much as possible that before you play in a cup match you internet is stable as can be.

Time outs -
If an admin member is not around to pause match for internet connection drops or toilet breaks etc, the servers will have timeouts of 2 per match per team for maximum duration of 90 seconds.Any team/individual trying to request more than the alotted amount could be disqualified from the cup at admins teams disscresion.

Maps - Maps from only the selected list may be played in the cup.There will be no deviation from the supplied map list. Maps may NOT be played twice in the same stage.
Teamspeak - Teams may use the supplied Team speak or discord channels and own voip (Teamspeak, discord, mumble etc) servers are allowed to be used in this cup.
Complaints - Anyone can Submit a complaint during the tournament. Complaints should be submitted to Admins Within 24 hours of match ending.Complaints submitted after 24 hours of match ending will be disregarded.Complaints will be reviewed accordingly by Admins and their decision is final and absolute.

TAM Specific rule -
Necromancy Exploit - Due to a bug in the 3spn coding, The necromancy "Bind" will ressurrect a player on your team even if it has been disabled server side! Please either remove your bind for necromancy or make sure you do not press the key by mistake.If a player does resurrect someone during the cup, the player resurrected MUST SUICIDE without firing a shot.If they do fire a shot, that team WILL be disqualified from the cup, NO excuses !!.

Admins Have the final say in all cup related matters,and they can change any rules during the cup even without notifying players in order to maintain fair play and fair tournament. This rule will not be abused.
Any questions please message admins via pm on the forum or on the discord channel.

Cheers, Tw33kA
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Re: Community Cup rules - Please read before signing up.

Postby Team_Rectifier » Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:42 am

Hi ho,
That's right even without the mutator the bind will work so I created a 3.210NR(no res) Version and truly has NOT changed a single thing just blocked the keybind.
If you want it please email

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