Cup Overview (Revised)

General Information On The 3V3 Nations TAM Cup.
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Cup Overview (Revised)

Postby Tw33kA » Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:50 am

• LIKE-A. Community Friendly 3V3 NATIONS Tam summer Cup.

• Sign up before: Sunday 2nd july 2017
• Cup starts/First Match: Sunday 9th July 2017
• No Fee
• Major bragging rights and the cup winners will have a special title "summer Cup 3v3 Winner" or similar under their name on the scoreboard on servers.

Group based ladder with final elimination knockout based on overall point from group stages,you can lose a stage but still win cup. Anyone Welcome, Three player teams of same nationality/location only.

Any single player/non team signups can be draughted into a same country team or a mixed team maybe formed at the Admins discretion.

Server Settings -
• Standard Setup with few alterations Tam version V3.223 (netcode version)
• Tickrate 60
• No Challenge Mode
• Normal Shield no extra jump
• Invis/Beserk/Booster/Speed enabled
• Net Code Disabled ( you can enable/disable in your own f7 settings if both teams agree netcode to be enabled for a match in discord match arrangment channel )
• Anti Cheat mods enabled
• Server Demo Record enabled
• No Pickups

Ammo amounts -
Slight alterations to amounts-
• Rockets - 12
• Shock - 24
• Lightning - 12
• Flak 15
• Link 75
• mini 75
• bio 20
• assault rifle 75 + 2 Grenades

In Game Admin -
An Admin will be available for matches, to do serverside demos and to pause games if required. The admins can sometime live stream matches by prior arrangment.The match demos for a particular wee will be uploaded for viewing with the weeks results and links added to discord/website for dowload shortly after .
UTV will also be running for the duration of the cup. A 30 second delay is added to utv to minimize the risk of cheating etc.
Please note matches will only be paused at the end of the round the pause was requested !
The admins will be either Tw33kA or Nightman. Other Admins may cover if the first two are not Available on any given day.

Map choice and selection -
Stages will be won by the best of 3 maps, both teams will choose one map each per stage and agree to a third map to be played incase of a draw in the first two rounds from the following list.If the thrid map can nott be decided at the match arrangment stage then it will be done by elimintation of the maps on the list that were not picked for the first two matches. (Maps cannot be played twice in same stage)
• Rankin FE
• Grendelkeep RE
• Goose 2k4
• OSR Cheops
• Campgrounds 2004 G1E
• Under LE no Buzz
• Waisten-Fix

Score System-
It’s league system, Statrting with group stages then will go on to a final, elimination to determine overall winning team. Each team can still lose 1 match and still have chance to win overall. The group stages are based on points so the more matches won,the better the chance of going through.

Dates of matches + Results
One stage a week, played between Sunday-Sunday weekly at chosen time arranged via team captains on the dedicated discord channel.
The admins will add the signed up teams to the cup roster and then the ladders will be generated at random once team count has been finalised.
The weeks match results will be confirmed and displayed via the community Cup tab on the LIKE_A.Community website at 11pm each consecutive sunday

Teams/Players/Sign up-
3v3 tournament so will be teams of three ,and teams MUST consist of players from own country, and every Team in the cup MUST have a player with an account on the LIKE_A.Community forum to be entered.A nominated captain to arrange match dates and times with other teams on the dedicated discord channel is REQUIRED by all teams signing up for the cup!.
At the end of the signup stage the team captians will be added to the match channel on the community Discord channel to arrange matches and times. Join discord channel here -
Please ensure you teams have at least 4-5 members,so subs are available.This is good practise and will help the cup run smoothly.
Teams must have a name that reflects their country, ie: Croatia would be CRO.
Multiple teams for one country are allowed to play in the cup,so naming should be along the following lines, GER A,GER B,CRO A CRO B.This will be set by admins depending on position of when teams signed up for the cup.
Sign up on forums by Sunday 2nd July 2017

Matches times and days are to be arranged between team captains of opposing teams on the bracket.Matches must be played between Sunday and Sunday on any particular week,and the bracket will be conatsntly updated by the admins.
Admins are present during the following times to administer matches so they MUST be arranged between these times only.
Monday to friday 7pm -10.30pm CET
Saturday and sunday 3pm -10.30pm CET

Match Servers -
For the cup matches the server will be LIKE-A.Community Servers :-
Server 2 - (roubaix- France)
Server 5 - (Frankfurt - Germany)
Practise is allowed on these servers during the week but please check the match schedule on the website or on the discord channel to ensure practise doesnt clash with any match times.
The server will be password enabled that will be given out on discord channel/irc channels. A alternative server will be available should connection problems arise.

TeamSpeak -
Teamspeak server -
Community Discord - will be provide Teamspeak/Discord channels on the day of matches, and all teams are to use separate channels for each match.Passwords available from admin on the day.
Non-players of the match are not allowed to be in TS channels that are designated for the match. For security you are NOT allowed to use your own vip server for the duration of the cup.

Spectators -
No spectators in game, only players and admin allowed in game. We can stream games live to the community You tube channel upon request and save for later viewing. All demos Will available for download at the end of each weekly round.

Wildcard system-
A single use wild card will be given to all teams for use in the cup. This card will allow a team to ask for an arranged match to be rescheduled if circumstances arise where the whole team cannot play, and no subs can be found.
If a card is used, it is preferred that the match be played the same week as arranged at a different time, otherwise the ladder and all other matches will have to be put on hold for an extra week while the match is played and then the ladder duly updated.
If a team plays a wild card and then doesnt turn up for re-arranged match, that team will be instantly disclqualified from the cup, NO exeptions!.

Please read the Cup rules and the necromancy exploit before you sign up for the cup as signing up means you have read and agreed to what has been stated.If you are unsure about anything,please contact a member of the admin team before you sign up a team for the cup.


Cup Admin team
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Re: Cup Overview

Postby speed » Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:54 am

What a about add a bit more shock ammos? :D :D
Only 3-4 combo per round :(
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Re: Cup Overview

Postby Tw33kA » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:13 pm

I may add a few more if others agree. :really:
Dont ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness.
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Re: Cup Overview

Postby bezi » Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:07 pm

speed will lose with 20 shock ammo - only 5 shock combos

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